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Protecting & Defending Consumers


Consumer Protection & Claims

Claims for faulty goods and shoddy workmanship. We will act on your behalf to pursue suppliers of poor goods and services.


Small Claims Court Help

When you need help and support to sue a supplier in the County Court, Impel Legal’s Paralegal is here to help..


Mobile and Broadband

If you are finding it impossuble to cancel a broadband/mobile contract or direct debit, we are on your side.


Potholes and Speed Bump Damage

From problem purchases and poor service to pothole damage and accidents caused by faulty roads


Need Help to Get a Refund

If you need assistance in getting a refund we can help. Faulty goods dispute or scammed, contact Impel Legal.


Extended Warranty Scams

If you have purchased an extended warranty on an item thas has developed a fault, we are here to help you.

Your Paralegal Friend, Here to Help you with Consumer Complaints.

Poor customer service, shoddy workmanship, dodgy deals. Sometimes, through no fault of your own, you find yourself needing legal help with a consumer law problem.

A matter that you feel is better dealt with by a paralegal that doesn’t charge high solictor’s fees but is on your side and gets the job done for you.

It may be a well written legal letter or an helping hand to take your case to the small claims court. Impel Legal is here to defend and protect your consumer rights.



Defending Consumers and Help With Claims.


When was the last time you bought an expensive item and just after the ‘one year’ guarantee ran out, it went faulty and the store where you bought it is refusing to help?.



Has your car gone wrong soon after the warranty ran out? or that used car you bought suddenly failed or blew up? The car dealer says ‘hard luck, bad timing’!



Have you experienced bad customer service. from your broadband or mobile phone supplier when you wanted to cancel a contract or direct debit payments?




01745 316141



What is a Paralegal?


A paralegal is a legal professional who assists lawyers in their work, but not all paralegals work from solicitors’ offices. There are a few freelance paralegals who not only work with solicitors and barristers but also work directly with the general public. Those who work in law firms will generally research legal issues, statutes, and case law, to support lawyers in preparing cases and providing legal advice.

Hiring a paralegal can be more cost-effective than using a solicitor because paralegals typically charge lower hourly rates or agree to a fixed rate for a case or job.

Paralegals can free up solicitors’ time to focus on more complex legal work, improving overall efficiency and client service.



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