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Your Paralegal in England & Wales.

It is all about you. Not about us.

When something happens to you and you need simple, straightforward legal help, not an expensive solicitor or barrister, Impel Legal can provide a paralegal to act on your behalf or guide you through matters that may seem complicated and beyond your control.

We really are here for you and we will do our utmost to help you through those challenging times.

If it is time for you to call in someone who will be on your side, fight for you and take care of your consumer law, you can call upon Impel Legal’s Paralegal to act on your behalf.



Why we are different?




When things are not going right and you need a paralegal to help and support you, we are here for you.



We understand that your situation needs calm yet force. You need urgency without panic. Our Paralegal is your friend.



Our paralegal will not treat you like a number, or just another client. At Impel Legal, we are proud of our ethos.



Freelance Paralegal

A paralegal is a legal professional. Not all paralegals work from solicitors’ offices. Freelance paralegals such as Impel Legal not only work with solicitors and barristers but also work directly with the general public.

Hiring a paralegal can be more cost-effective or dare we say ‘cheaper’ than using a solicitor because paralegals charge lower hourly rates or agree to a fixed rate for a case or job.

Paralegals are not solicitors, they can free up solicitors’ time to focus on more complex legal work, improving overall efficiency and client service.

Impel Legal Paralegals generally deal with consumer protection and consumer law.

Freelance Paralegals



Our Paralegal



Peter Yexley




Have a challenging case? Get a free consultation by our experts.

From what seemed to be a simple transaction may have gone bad, you may feel that you have been ripped off, scammed or simply victim to faulty goods or services.



Whether you are a victim of a scam and want your money back or you have a consumer dispute with a business, we can help.

It may be that you have tried to resolve the issue but have come to a dead end, or you feel that you need strong back up to get behind you and provide no-nonsense approach in dealing with your claim.

In the first instance, we suggest that you email us on with a brief history of your problem and we will conduct an initial assessment.

We’ll get back to you with the optoins that are available to you and what they involve.

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