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Paralegal Letter Before Action Pre-action protocols

The letter before action plays a vital role in business debt recovery, even though pre-action protocols, which guide communication before court proceedings, are not mandatory for business-to-business debts.

While these protocols are designed for businesses chasing individual debts, a well-crafted letter before action remains standard practice in business-to-business debt recovery.

The protocols stipulate which steps should be taken before a court claim is issued – and the court will very likely take into account the creditor’s compliance with the rules (or lack thereof) when considering the claim.

The debtor is obligated by the pre-action protocols to respond to the letter of claim within a reasonable window.

If they choose to ignore it, the creditor’s solicitor will be able to apply for a court order to force their hand.

If you use a solicitor instead of a paralegal, expect to pay of fee of £250 plus VAT (£300 in total),  for a letter before action. It doesn’t include any  other correspondence or communications telephone or written with the debtor or their legal representative, including negotiation of payment terms.
A Letter Before Action written by a Paralegal will cost a fraction of that.