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What is a Solicitors’ Letter Before Action?

Are your upaid invoices stacking up and you seem to be spending more and more time chasing those outstanding payments? Debts can consume your valuable time when it could be dedicated to bringing in new customers. Neglecting new customes is costing you bisiness and eventually causing cash flow problems.

Do You Need a Solicitors’ Letter Before Action?

It is a known fact that solicitors’ fees can be very expensive and a heavy bill for a a solicitor’s letter before action (also known as a ‘letter of claim’ or ‘letter before claim’) can eat into the money you are chasing.

is theie an altenative to this essential first step in a formal debt recovery process?

Yese there is, you can use a paralegal

A letter befire action can be written and sent by a paralegal.

cheaper solicitors letters

 xxxx is a notice sent out by a creditor’s solicitor to let the debtor know that the creditor is planning to take legal action against them.