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What is a UK Process Server?

UK Process serving is the personal handing of court papers, or legal/official documents to the person(s) listed or named on those papers, or to the person named to receive the papers by the authority of the issuing court, Solicitor, or instructing client.

We at Impel Legal are process servers in North Wales.

Serving documents promptly

Serving papers by special instructions

Adhering to Data Protection and Human Rights legislation

Keeping clients appraised at all times

Monitoring cases to ensure documents are returned to clients on time

Ensuring all statements or affidavits are completed correctly

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Process serving , a service that dictates legal documents are professionally dispatched or personally delivered by an independent party  (process servers) such as Impel Legal.

UK Process serving is carried out after a Court or serving party demands proof that the recipient has been served the legal documents.

The reason why independent parties are used as process servers is to prevent intended recipients denying having received the legal documents, or a time sensitive deadline is imposed as to when the legal documents must be received.

The process server is the individual that serves the legal documents.

A process server is experienced in legislative regulations including Civil Procedure Rules and Insolvency matters.

The importance of using a professional process server means a legal docunent is served in accordance with the instructions.  Otherwise a wrongfully delivered legal document can cause issues when the case is taken to court.  The case may even be thrown out of court by the presiding judge